Paper Dock SAAS

Laserfiche is the solution to ECM and document management requirements. Now, LFSaaS gives you Laserfiche power, fully configured, as a monthly Software-as-a-Service subscription. Access documents from PC, tablet or phone.

For a standard monthly subscription, a user receives a RIO named-user license, access to a secure Laserfiche server repository running on a  Amazon Web Services data centers server, 20 GB of document storage, SSL encryption, server maintenance and backup, and access to over 200 training videos.

With LFSaaS, you can be up and running in days.  There are no servers, no up-front capital costs and maintenance or administration costs.  You will always have access to the latest Laserfiche version.  Backups are taken automatically.  You still enjoy all of the benefits of a full Laserfiche system, including the professional support , all running in a proven, secure Cloud environment.

The server is hosted on Amazon Web Services data centers, assuring quality-of-service and reliability. LFSaaS clients connect securely by simply registering the unique instance name.

On-Line Forms and Processing

With Laserfiche v9, LFSaaS delivers electronic forms, including designer, administrator and implementation.   Control all aspects of your form processing. Accept forms into Laserfiche Workflow and route for approval.  Automatically store forms in your LFSaaS document repository.  Make your forms available for public access with the optional portal access.  Follow your progress in the forms dashboard.

  • Collect and process standardized information electronically.
  • Route submissions for approval or use them to lookup additional information from existing data sources.
  • Allow role-based access only to necessary functions within Laserfiche Forms.
  • Oversee forms, submissions, and processes with different levels of administrator access.



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