Paper Dock on the Cloud

Paper Dock-on-the-Cloud is a private, virtual server optimized for Laserfiche users who do not wish to support on-premise servers. The server is hosted on IBM/Amazon data centers, assuring quality-of-service and reliability.  The Laserfiche client connect by simply registering their server with its unique  name (e.g. ).

What do the users say……

“Snapshot, OCRing documents, creating folders and copying documents all worked flawlessly. There was no slow down with scanning, storing or importing documents – ran just as fast on my virtual machine.”


Paper Dock-on-the-Cloud provides an alternate, optimized architecture for Laserfiche users:

  • No internal server hardware, server soft-ware or backups to administer
  • No up-front hardware server costs – simply a monthly fee for the service period
  • No change to your Laserfiche licensing or VAR agreements
  • Delivered by your trusted Laserfiche VAR
  • Includes backup
  • Includes secure data transfer
  • Maintains full Laserfiche administration and configuration rights
  • Can have separate instances for Laserfiche and SQL Server
  • Transferrable, can always be moved back to an on-premise server, if desired.



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