Cancer Society Case Study

Donation-supported non-profit organizations need to keep general office expenses to a minimum. The American Cancer Society, in particular, is very committed to putting forth as much of their resources as possible to disease research, detection and treatment, as well as patient support.

Despite their good intentions, a non-profit business is still a business, and business-related complications arise. Auditors stop by at the end of the year. Vendors may call and say they haven’t received a check for a particular service.

In the past, such inquiries lead to chaotic searches in the accounting department of ACS’s Pennsylvania headquarters.

“We used to have all our checks and back-up documents on microfilm,” says Jerry Hilton, a retiree and part-time ACS staff member. “We could find a month pretty easily, but then we had to scroll through every check to find what we needed. It was very time-consuming.”

ACS installed Laserfiche in order to solve this problem. Now, checks are scanned in to a single repository, where ACS staff can organize them by month, date or vendor. Today, it takes Hilton about three seconds to find a check if he gets a call.

“I just type in the name of the caller, and there are the checks, right there with the back-up forms on the same document,” Hilton says.

ACS plans to expand Laserfiche to other areas of their very important operation. The field services department plans to implement Laserfiche in order to better manage fund-raising event records and treatment information, while HR plans to use the system to digitize employee files.



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