Local Government

By improving your approach to information governance, Laserfiche enables transparency and makes government organizations more efficient, more effective and better able to create innovative solutions for a variety of needs.

A successful information governance strategy accelerates decision-making, increases transparency and eliminates unnecessary compliance risks. It’s a way to foster organizational agility, and it’s most effective when there’s a nimble technology backbone in place.

When government organizations adopt Laserfiche as part of their information governance strategy, they gain a way to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility. Laserfiche provides a standard for managing content and streamlining business processes across the enterprise and brings benefits to departments as diverse as human services, building inspections, tax, courts and more.

  • Improve Information Access
  • Integrate with Primary Applications
  • Increase Public Access to Information with Dynamic Web Portals
  • Automate Collaborative Business Processes
  • Mitigate Risk with Records Management

“I believe technology is the catalyst for change. Laserfiche benefits the County and our taxpayers by lowering the overall cost of an ECM system.” — Collin County, TX



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