Centralized control over information and the flexibility to fit existing processes, procedures and technology infrastructure–these are only a few of the reasons construction companies implement Laserfiche enterprise content management to build better business processes from the job site to the corporate office. Comprehensive capture tools process varied types of content–including e-mails, scanned timecards, E-sized drawings and digital photographs–into a secure single, standardized system, configurable to the needs and uses of each job or office. Powerful, intuitive business process management (BPM) tools allow you to graphically model complex tasks, from contract submissions and bid changes to project management and ISO specifications, enabling real-time collaboration and decision-making and eliminating bottlenecks to keep costs down. Web-based thin-client deployment and Laserfiche’s open architecture allow you to image-enable existing applications and customize access from anywhere for anyone–clients, employees, staff or auditors.

  • Provide Both Departmental Flexibility and Enterprise Control
  • Input and Access Information Instantly from Anywhere
  • Accelerate Project Completion
  • Improve Security and Compliance
  • Additional Resources

“Between our three business units, we process over 1.5 million documents a month.” — La Farge



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