Transparent Records Management

Managing a compliant records management strategy while also meeting the unique content management requirements of individual departments can be difficult. Records managers structure documents within complicated record series that mitigate risk, while general users desire easy access to content types that vary between departments. Without a flexible solution that satisfies the distinct needs of every business unit, maintaining an effective and compliant records environment creates more work for everyone.

With DoD 5015.2-certified records management capabilities built into the core architecture of the system, Laserfiche offers a universal repository to manage the lifecycles of all enterprise information assets. Through a single platform tailored to individual groups, records managers and general employees can organize the same records in the manner they each prefer, simultaneously.

The document capture and processing capabilities of Laserfiche Quick Fields, automated classification tools of Laserfiche Workflow and secure file plans of Laserfiche Records Management Edition ensure that information is accessible throughout your organization without compromising governance, risk and compliance standards. Together, Laserfiche Transparent Records Management automates the classification of incoming information while hiding the rigid structure of a formalized file plan from the average system user.

The Laserfiche Advantage

  • Automated Life Cycle Management. Streamline record tracking and control with automated record capture, transfer, storage and disposition, allowing staff to spend more time on productive activities.
  • Flexible Control.Configure the look and feel of the records environment to suit the requirements of each department while preserving original records within a records manager’s domain.
  • Foolproof Security. Establish entry access rights depending on document and user type, so general users may work with documents without accessing the overall records management structure.
  • Improved Compliance. Automatically apply retention and disposition parameters to incoming documents and adhere to compliance standards by automating record storage and retention.



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