Information governance. Business continuity and e-discovery. Privacy. Homeland security. No matter their focus, compliance requirements drive up the cost of records management.

Laserfiche Records Management Edition supports your enterprise compliance policies and procedures while reducing the complexity and costs of regulatory compliance. Access controls, security tags and redactions secure your information, from entire folders to individual words. Comprehensive audit trails track every action that takes place in your repository, so you easily demonstrate adherence to your records plan and regulatory requirements. And with the Laserfiche Plus module, you can easily archive records to portable media (including CD, DVD, USB drives and other portable media), satisfying SEC, FINRA and other regulations.

With proper records management, you reduce the litigation risks and regulatory penalties of records spoliation. Enforce retention policies more easily, ensure that expired records are destroyed according to DoD standards and minimize the liability of obsolete information–Laserfiche RME provides the comprehensive records management tools you need to transform your compliance program from a cost center to a competitive advantage.

  • Manage information, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with regulatory demands.
  • Implement Transparent Records Management tools.
  • Enable all staff to easily adhere to records policies.
  • Add DoD 5015.2-certified records management to your SharePoint implementation.



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